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One of The Awesome Coconut Rope Craft: Making Photograph Frame!

by Happy Puspa

Coconut rope craft – Coconut fiber is a secondary and major part of the coconut fruit, accounting for about 35% of the weight of the coconut fruit. So if the average annual production of coconut is 5.6 million tons. This means that approximately 1.7 million tons of coconut fiber are produced. The production potential of coir is so great that it has not been fully exploited for productive activities that can increase its added value.

Coconut fiber is processed by shredding the coconut husk with a shredder. The machine cuts the coconut shell into small pieces. Subsequently, it is screened with a coconut fiber sifter to produce separate fibers. This fiber is twisted by the spinning machine to a diameter size that can be adjusted as needed.

Coconut rope is the base material for making various coir crafts, such as coconut rope for handicrafts, equipment rope for boats, coconut rope for cocomesh, etc. It can be said that coconut fiber is the main basic material after coconut rope. This coconut rope has several coiling variants. It refers to a fold. Generally, coir ropes use 2 layers of coir fiber rope.

An example of the craft is making a rug out of coconut rope. You can save your money by crafting this craft and you can spend it on other things.

For the Home Depot Giveaway Challenge, our item this month was the use of coconut coir rope. It’s such an exciting item for me because the rope can look very rustic and I love the rustic design. Since the challenge was for a friend, I thought a photo frame would be a great item… how about a group of 3 to put on the wall?

My first step was to gather the supplies I needed:

  1. Coconut coir rope (various sizes)
  2. Circular polystyrene
  3. hot glue
  4. magnetic photo frames
  5. place

I then applied hot glue directly to the Styrofoam starting in the center and wrapping the string around itself. Be sure to glue in small sections. This happens to be quite tedious but so simple to do.

For my smaller circle “frame” I decided not to start the rope in the center as I was using the larger size rope and the frame would cover it. Continue winding the rope until you have a complete circle. If the circle doesn’t look perfectly round when you’re done, you can continue wrapping the outside of the Styrofoam area to the string. It happened to me in my two biggest circles and it worked great when I did it. Then add a loop at the top to hang the frames.

In the last step add the magnetic frames on the top and add some cute photos. I’m still working on the pretty picture part… and maybe adding a button to hang the string. Also, if you wish, you can dye the rope to give it a gray finish. My walls are gray so I thought staining the big one would be really cute…and I like how the frames look together. coconut coir rope craft

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