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Coir Geotextiles Uses to Prevent Soil Erosion and Abrasion

by Happy Puspa
coir geotextiles uses

Coir geotextiles uses – The position of the land, soil type, and slope determine how vulnerable it will be to erosion. It may not be suitable for agriculture, or only suitable for erosion control activities. Soil erosion can be avoided by using the land within its capacity.

There are a number of resources to help determine how land should be used to prevent erosion:

  • for arable land – land management field guides provide maps and descriptions of land types in many areas and provide land use and management recommendations for each soil type.
  • for pastures – soil maps and land types are available for most areas. They give ranchers an idea of ​​what kind of soils their area might have and are a useful planning tool.

Coverage and Surface runoff Soil Contour | Coir Geotextiles Uses

Surface coverage is an important factor in erosion control as it reduces the impact of raindrops falling on bare soil and wind by removing soil particles. It also reduces the speed of water flow over the ground. The risk of erosion is significantly reduced when the soil is covered by more than 30%. Full coverage is achievable for many grazing and cropping systems.

The stream concentrates as it flows down. When rivers that drain large basins reach the coast, they are usually only a few hundred meters wide. Although surface coverage helps to disperse runoff, the concentration of runoff is unavoidable. Basin-wide coordination is important in implementing flow management measures. The runoff may pass through several properties and cross several roads (sometimes railroad tracks) as it runs from the outermost part of the basin to a large drainage line or stream.

Erosion Protection Mats use Coconut Coir Geotextiles

Erosion Control Mat is a natural geosynthetic erosion control product that is a flexible and lightweight 3D mat made from high-strength coconut geotextile that provides slope or soil erosion protection, reducing emissions, and promoting infiltration. The anti-erosion mat serves both to protect the soil from the washed surface and to quickly establish the grass.

In other words, stabilized coir geotextile reduces the chance of erosion caused by heavy rains and provides a green layer of vegetation in streams, river banks, pond banks, steep slopes, and grassy ditches. In addition to vegetation, the coir geotextiles uses not only prevents soil erosion and sedimentation but also provides excellent filtration and vegetation, which ultimately improves soil condition and slope stability.

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